The show

Style: physical comedy, new vaudeville, Starring: Josette Lépine and Françoise Lépine, Written and directed by: Josette Lépine et Françoise Lépine, Lighting and stage design by: Josette Lépine and Françoise Lépine, Assistant director: Soizick Hébert.

Flying bunnies, speeding French fries! These identical twins fight giant pink monsters, practice the art of snacking and ensure the triumph of the umbilical cord. The Kif-Kif Sisters mix surprising comedy and audience interaction with enough happiness to make vegetables explode!

These sisters have been inseparable since the womb and have many years of street performing all over the world, from the Americas to Asia. Their main sources of inspiration are tenderness and riots.


Version for Children
For: schools, theatres
parks and others.

Audience: 5 to 12 years old
Duration: 50 minutes
Document - Schools
Technical Rider - Outdoor shows
Technical Rider - Theatres

Version for all
For: public spaces, theatres
and others
Audience: All
Duration: 45 minutes
Technical Rider - Outdoor shows
Technical Rider - Theatres


What they say in the media:
  • "Everyone had a riot of a time with the Kif-Kif Sisters! -Winnipeg 99.9 fm.
  • "Charming" (Danemark)
  • "Alluring and sophisticated" (Suède)
  • "Notre coup de cœur, les rigolotes Sœurs Kif-Kif, des jumelles à l’humour tendre et pétillant." -S. Morin, La Presse
  • "Una hora que pasa muy rápido. No paras de reír. Excelente espectáculo, muy recomendable para todas las edades." -Charlando con la Cultura (Mexique)