"Kif-Kif" means "same-same" in french. A young duo formed by two identical twins that spread their creations in Quebec City (Canada) and around the world. Humor, twinship and saturated colors are at the heart of our performances, that our public appreciate for their originality and interactivity.



Summer 2015 (Complete schedule to come)

may 20th to 25th 2015: Mexico, Guadalajara, Festival Papirolas
june 3th to 7th 2015: Manitoba (Canada), Winnipeg International Children’s Festival
july 1th to 6th 2015: Sweden, Stockholm, International Street Perfomer Festival
july 15th to 18th: Switzeland, Lugano, Lugano Busker Festival
july 22 to 26th: Sweden, Halmstad, Internationella Gatuteaterfestivalen
july 30 to 31th: Denmark, Helsingor, Passage International Street Theater Festival

Events in Canada:

may 17th 2015: St-George, Fête familiale à l'île Pozer (Papillons)
june 14th 2015: Sainte-Agathe-des-Monts, Fête de la famille et de l'environnement
june 23th et 24th 2015: Vaudreuil Dorion, Saint-Augustin et Neuville, Fêtes de la Saint-Jean Baptiste.
august 4th to 6th 2015: Montreal, Surprises Urbaines (show)
august 14th 2015: Trois-Rivières, Arts de la rue

Winter 2014-2015

We will be touring the whole winter with the show Dada, our création for the Théâtre de l'Aubergine : http://www.laubergine.qc.ca/. Anyone interested in the Kif-Kif can still contact us for some availability.

Summer 2014

may 5th 2014: Montreal, Lancement de la programation estivale du Quartier des spectacles (show)
may 9 and 10th 2014: USA , Hardwick, Vermont Vaudeville (show)
may 17th 2014: Montreal, Quartier des spectacles, on Sainte-Catherine, 14h, 15h45, 17h30 (show)
may 18th 2014: Montreal, Quartier des spectacles, on Sainte-Catherine, 13h30, 15h, 16h30 (show)

june 5 to 11th 2014: Croatia , Zagreb, Cest is d'Best" International Street Festival (show)
june 13th 2014: Québec, Rendez-vous naval de Québec (Papillons Géants)
june 14th 2014: Lachine, Macadam en Scène sur Notre-Dame, 13h et 17h (show)
june 21th 2014: Montreal, Fête de quartier dans Ville-Marie (show)
june 23th 2014: Vaudreuil-Dorion, Fêtes de la Saint-Jean (show)
june 24th 2014: Sainte Thérèse, Fêtes de la Saint-Jean (show)
june 27 to 29th 2014: Sainte-Rose du Nord, Fabuleux Festival International du Folk Sale (Specials performances)

july 4 to 13th 2014: Alberta , Edmonton, International Street Performers Festival (show)
july 14 to 21th 2014: Alberta , Grande Prairie, International Street Performers Festival (show)
july 24 to 27th 2014: Alberta , Red Deer, CentreFest (show)
july 31th 2014: Montreal, "Surprises urbaines" à la place Jacques-Cartier (show)

august 7th 2014: Montreal, "Surprises urbaines" à la place Jacques-Cartier (show)
august 8th 2014: Montreal, parc Olivier Robert, 19h (show)
august 15-16th 2014: Festival de théâtre de rue de Lachine (Déesses des récoltes)
august 17th 2014: Montreal, à confirmer
august 24th 2014: Sainte-Claire 10h (show)

september 5 to 7th 2014, Québec, Rendez-vous naval de Québec (Papillons Géants)
september 6th 2014, Montreal, Festival OUMF (show)
septembre 14th 2014: Trois-Rivieres, École St-Eugène (school show)

Spring 2014

January and february 2014:
Show Dada for the Théâtre de l'Aubergine : http://www.laubergine.qc.ca/

march 25th to 30th 2014: Colombia, Carthagena, Festival de Artes Escénicas del Caribe (show)
april 17th to 27th 2014: Peru, Lima, Festival Internacional de Saberes Escénicos (show)

Fall-Winter 2013

september 1th: 2013: Colombia, Bogotà, Festival de théâtre de rue Al Aire Puro (show)
september 3th to 8th 2013: Colombia, Manizales, Festival Internacional de Teatro de Manizales (show)
september 8th to 15th 2013: Colombia, Supia, Festival de Teatro (show)
september 15 to 20th 2013: Colombia, Bucaramanga , Festival de Teatro Santander (show)
september 27th to octobre 6th 2013: Mexico , Sinaloa, Town Festival (show)

October et november 2013:
show Dada pour le Théâtre de l'Aubergine : http://www.laubergine.qc.ca/

november 24th 2013: Sherbrooke, Défilé du Père-Noël (Les Anges)
december 2th to 6th 2013: Mexique , Sinaloa, Town Festival (show)
december 7th 2013: Vaudreuil-Dorion, Festival Féérie de Noël (Les Anges)
december 20th 2013: Sainte-Thérère, Marché de Noël (Les Anges)

Summer 2013

may 18th: Beauport, Terrain de balle Saint-Ignace, (show)
may 25th: Chicoutimi, Festival des jumeaux, (show)
may 26th: Quebec City, Fêtes du faubourg Saint-Jean Baptiste, (Les Papillons)
may 31th: Quebec City, Cabaret Rüsstik (Special performance)

june 15th: Terrebonne, (Les Papillons)
june 23th: La Prairie, Fêtes de la Saint-Jean, (Les Papillons, show)
june 24th: Saint-George de Beauce, Fêtes de la Saint-Jean, show)
june 24th: Neuville, Fêtes de la Saint-Jean, (Les Papillons, show)
june 29th: Sainte-Rose du Nord, Festival du folk sale (Special performance)

july 1st: Edmunston, Fêtes du Canada, marina, 13h, (show)
july 3rd: Quebec City, Fête de la ville, Parc de la Commune, 18h45, (show)
july 11th to 14th: Amos, festival H20, (Les Papillons)
july 9 to 28th: Victoria (BC), International Buskers festival, (show)
july 31th: Quebec City, Parc de la chanterelle, 19h, (show)

august 4th: Sainte-Perpétue, Festival du cochon, (show)
august 10th-11th: Chicoutimi, Fête des Saveurs et Trouvailles, (Papillons et Divines)
august 16th-17th: Lachine, Festival de théâtre de rue, (show)
august 18th: Chicoutimi, Fête en Nord, (Les Divines)
august 22th to 24th: Colombia, Armenia, Festival Calle arriba calle abajo
august 23th to 31th: Colombia, Medellin, Festival International de teatro en Antioquia