Returns Department

A pair of twin sisters welcome you to the Returns Department. On their conveyor belt, a parade of objects, manufacturing errors, and dysfunctional accessories appear. Labouring with love, the twins handle complaints like boxes of candy. Little by little, the temptation to play with the merchandise before them takes hold, the objects themselves play some tricks of their own!

Combining physical theater, circus, robotics and puppetry, Returns Department is a playful look behind the scenes of a production line.

Duration: 50 minutes (flexible)
For: Theatres, schools and
unconventional places
All audiences, from 4 years old
Capacity: 300 people
Technical Rider - Theatres
Technical Rider - Outdoor shows

Official selection: 
- International Market for Contemporary Circus 2022
- Montreal Art Council on tour 2022
- ROSEQ 2022

Style: Physical comedy
Written, directed and performed by: Josette Lépine et Françoise Lépine
Artistic advisors: Michoue Sylvain, Louis-Dominique Lavigne, David Fiset, Michel Dallaire,
Avner Eisenberg, Marcelle Hudon
Set design: Josette Lépine, Françoise Lépine, Xavier Bélanger-Dorval, Sara-Claude Lépine
Costumes, lighting, and soundtrack: Josette Lépine and Françoise Lépine
Beat maker: Yuri Yann Lépine-Malone

We acknowledge the support of the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, the Canada Coucil for the Arts and Conseil des arts de Montréal.