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Artist Statement

The theme of twinship is central to the creative process of our duo, as we have been inseparable since the womb. Our dual identity is our most primitive and unchanging life experience. Our creations do not demystify the world of twins. Rather, they allow us to share, if only for an instant, this carefree world where conspiracies, muffins cut in half and cars with two steering wheels reign.

Besides these sisterly roots, we also have a pronounced taste for cute, joyful and feminine ambiances. Humour is our favourite tool, and we like to explore the limit between innocence and corruption. We believe that this opposition can be cause for salutary laughter in humans. Our emotional universe is inspired by the world of Claudie Gagnon, old cartoons, city squirrels and the spirit of the Roaring Twenties.

The Kif-Kif Sisters’ multidisciplinary creations blend theater, music, circus and the visual arts. We are inspired by the street and see it as the umbilical cord that connects humans. With this is mind, we seek to expand ways of interacting with the public and strive to create a unique experience. We want the audience to feel at home in this aura of complicity that surrounds our duo. An increasingly popular topic of discussion in theater is the breaking of the fourth wall. In the street, all of these walls are broken. Our chosen means of expression—street theater—is directly immersed in the world and as such, it is to be reinvented constantly. Our research is endless.